Whatever stage you and your business are at, newly launched, holding steady, stalling out, ready to grow, or ready to retire/sell, transitions are a challenge for you (the business owner) your team and your customers. Just like hiring a “personal trainer” I can help you put together the plan for achieving your business goals and help you and your team stay on track to get there.

Remote Team Development

  • Transitioning to a remote work team
  • Best practices while working remotely
  • Successful remote meetings
  • Team communication in or out of the office
  • Culture as a remote team

Vision Map  

  • Clarifying your vision
  • Developing a road map for achieving that vision
  • Establishing an achievable timeline for getting there

Team Alignment

  • Vision communication and Translation
  • Clarifying team member areas of accountability to achieving the vision
  • Developing systems and processes to keep execution on track
  • Creating an accountability process to ensure follow through and completion of plan

Communication Plan 

  • Establishing a clear process for the Visionary/owner to communicate their vision, goals & expectations
  • Establishing a platform for consistent communication that fits company culture
  • Developing a system for utilizing appropriate modes of communication;
    • when to use email, texts or phone calls
    • In-box taming techniques
    • Efficient and productive meetings; what for, when, how often & how to get stuff done in them!

Meeting Facilitation

  • Developing an efficient meeting format to support completion of all mile-markers
  • Training team participation, communication & problem-solving techniques
  • Creating a culture of mutual support, accountability & achievement

Action Plan 

  • Prioritizing the most important next actions for your business
  • Identifying & solving potential areas of chaos and overwhelm
  • Developing a weekly activities plan for reaching the next mile-marker
  • Creating an accountability process to ensure follow through and completion of plan

Focus Plan 

  • Creating a personalized process for keeping everything on track
  • ST.LTWeekly follow up and refocus sessions
  • Priorities review & reassessment sessions

Additional Services & Benefits

  • Strategy development
  • Coaching; 1/1 support & accountability
  • Integrator on a fractional and interim basis
  • Training, leadership and team development programs
  • Visionary & Integrator relationship on-boarding
  • Culture and customer experience development
  • Fluent in Entrepreneurs Operating System

All services are personalized to fit the unique needs of each business.

Fees are established after a clarifying conversation & discovery session.

Initial consultations are always complimentary, contact me to schedule yours…