From Vision to Reality

I Am An Entrepreneur. I founded Kids’ Hair Inc. with my husband in 1992.

Over a period of 18 years we experienced hands on (Well more like up to our eyeballs)Logo_Childs Play tag what it means to start, run, and survive a growing business. A challenging endeavor that took us from 1 employee to 150 with 14 locations, 3 layers of management, multiple training programs, quality control systems, investors and a board of directors (whew!).

In 2010, after an amazing journey, we moved on to pursue other adventures. Having faced the ups, downs and daily challenges of a growing business together, we are still married, still like each other and still enjoying entrepreneurial adventures. Now that’s success!

Lyon~S Focus utilizes my very real experiences and expertise to help entrepreneurs up to their eyeballs on a journey of their own develop the core foundation necessary to turn their vision into reality.

Identifying what’s getting in the way of you achieving your goals and realizing your vision is the first step to building lasting solutions that are simple, straight forward and customized to your unique style and company culture.

Not a cookie cutter approach, because one size doesn’t fit all businesses.

Relentless Focus ♦ Purposeful Action

Turning good intentions into great results!

Contact me to talk about what your business needs most right now to succeed.


More Focus ~ Quicker Results


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