What clients say…

“I have found working with Suzanne helpful in ways I couldn’t have predicted. Her “been there, done that, owned her own company approach” gives her insights that she used to get past my resistance against trying yet another new thing. I have learned that her suggestions are usually small and easy to implement, and free me up so I can focus on the bigger picture instead of all the tasks that need to be done. I’d recommend her to anyone who is responsible for leading change and is stretching their limits.”

~Sam Zordich, RAI Stone Analytics 


“I enjoyed the Vision and Action Jumpstart session with Suzanne. She is able to offer a detailed approach for planning while recognizing the bigger picture. I value the planning process she brings which includes both flexibility and accountability.”

~Sara Taylor-Niemann, ASAP 


“Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”“I’m a shiny object guy. If you are, too, you know what I mean. Meeting with clients is easy. I look at my calendar and show up where I need to show up. But handling the open time…the discretionary time can be exhausting. Suzanne has changed that. As my Lyon~s Focus expert Suzanne has me aware of my priorities like never before in my life. Most days, I’ve set my day’s priorities before 6:30 am and I’ve got most of tomorrow’s identified by 5:30 pm. It is amazing. Thank you Suzanne!”

Jim Earley, Master Coach


“Suzanne does a terrific job of helping me focus my thinking and creating practical action plans to help me reach my goals. Her insights and unique follow-up methods enabled me to find a new job and hit the ground running with the new organization.”

“Suzanne’s experience and perspective helped me see issues in an entirely new light. She is a terrific coach and guide.”                                                                                                                                 

~ Buckley Brinkman, Executive Director/CEO


“Suzanne has helped me bring focus and alignment to my day, week & month. As an entrepreneur, I have multiple new and exciting ideas every day. Suzanne helps me determine the best-of-the-best ideas and develop an implementation plan that works with my talent and gift set. She’s a great resource and I highly recommend her.

~Danita Bye, Owner, Sales Growth Specialists


“Suzanne is very creative, smart, & organized. I’ve enjoyed working with her, obtained great results, & recommend her highly.

~Mike Tikkanen, Owner, Packard Acquisitions


“Suzanne is a stellar business woman. She’s been an inspiration for me as a small business woman….”

Soozie Franklin, Graphic designer

 What the team says…

“Suzanne taught me so much. She is one of the most meticulous and analytical people I’ve ever worked with. She analyzes and breaks things down to a level so that you and everybody else understand it. She has taught me to think before I react or judge, and also to have patience and understanding of others. She created the training program at my current company and we value and use it daily. She is well read and usually has a book to recommend on a current subject. Suzanne was a great coach and mentor and I will often think when I’m in a tricky “people” situation “What would Suzanne do”?”                             

~Carina Plotnick, Worked with Suzanne as the Recruiting & Training Mgr at Kids’ Hair Inc.


“Having worked for Suzanne for 17 years while she rolled out a new business concept, I can attest to the fact that she possesses the drive, insight and stamina to create successful operational systems, hire top-notch employees and motivate her teams to achieve their highest potential. Not to mention she likes everyone to have fun at work! Suzanne is fantastic at thinking on her feet and reading between the lines. I am confident in recommending her abilities to bring others to realize their full potential.                                   

~Barbara Speltz, Worked with Suzanne as the Regional Mgr at Kids’ Hair Inc. 


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