The Instant Gratification of The E-Break

A GREAT REMINDER. This comes from an article on Fast Company written by Jane Porter... One of the most common ways people choose to waste time is what psychologists James Baker and James Phillips call e-breaks—checking and responding to email as a way to avoid an actual task at hand. But they see these e-breaks … Continue reading The Instant Gratification of The E-Break


Mastering Email Productivity

A few months ago I introduced you to "The Secret Weapon" Evernotes solution to email mastery. Here are some additional tips to help you get focused with your email. The steps outlined below fit well with Evernotes process, when you look at the Focused Flow Chart For Email remember that "To Do List" and "Evernote" … Continue reading Mastering Email Productivity

Is your in-box zapping your productivity?

Finally a solution to the out of control inbox! For many business owners the number of emails they receive daily consumes their time and drains their energy. Their inbox is overflowing with un-opened emails, junk mail, emails that need follow-up actions, flagged emails, funny emails, cute emails and just plain forgotten emails. The number of … Continue reading Is your in-box zapping your productivity?