A New Perspective on Positioning Statements and Elevator Pitches

Is why you do what you do part of your positioning statement or elevator pitch? Do you only tell others what and how? Research has shown that people are moved more by why than by what or how. What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do?Why should they use your service or … Continue reading A New Perspective on Positioning Statements and Elevator Pitches


Is your in-box zapping your productivity?

Finally a solution to the out of control inbox! For many business owners the number of emails they receive daily consumes their time and drains their energy. Their inbox is overflowing with un-opened emails, junk mail, emails that need follow-up actions, flagged emails, funny emails, cute emails and just plain forgotten emails. The number of … Continue reading Is your in-box zapping your productivity?

Accountability at the top

Wow! I attended a workshop on Marketing and Sales last week, very powerful. You might ask, what does accountability have to do with marketing and sales ? Well, everything! As business owners & leaders it is up to us to make sure we have a marketing and sales strategy and to make sure it is … Continue reading Accountability at the top

Communicating with your team

If you were to ask the key people on your team if they knew what you saw as the top priority for your organization this quarter what would they say? If you asked them to rank the items on their to do lists would their number one priority match what you see as their number … Continue reading Communicating with your team