Is your in-box zapping your productivity?

Finally a solution to the out of control inbox!

For many business owners the number of emails they receive daily consumes their time and drains their energy. Their inbox is overflowing with un-opened emails, junk mail, emails that need follow-up actions, flagged emails, funny emails, cute emails and just plain forgotten emails.

The number of organizational tips and tools they have tried and discarded nearly matches the number of emails still sitting in their in-box. I have recommended various solutions, made many suggestions and frankly, barely stopped short of offering to clear out their in-boxes for them. But then of course I realize that my in-box is sorely in need of my attention.

I have tried many email management systems looking for a solution to in-box overwhelm. Many of them started out quite promising only to end up creating a bigger in-box monster. Well persistence does pay off! Thanks to a fellow “in-box hostage”, who was happy to share, and to the creative minds at Evernote, I would like to introduce “The Secret Weapon” ( no, it’s not the delete button).

Combine the mindset of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” with the flexibility of Evernote and you have “The Secret Weapon”! An Evernote genius came up with a way to use Evernote to clear your in-box without creating thousands of folders, millions of tags and taking hours and hours out of your day. Better yet they put together a series of “How to” videos to walk you through the process of setting up your Evernote and they even explain the why behind the science, well okay, maybe it’s not science exactly but it is a great discovery!

I have found the system to be practical, simple, sustainable and intuitive to follow. And it didn’t take three months to see the benefits which go beyond the inbox and reins in your “to do lists”. Yes I said lists, plural, the list monster is a close relative of the in-box monster!

To discover how to tame your in-box monster and increase your productivity just follow the link below to watch the short how to videos. I used them to take me step by step through the set up process, very helpful.

The Secret Weapon: Evernote and GTD smoothly integrated into TSW
Email + Evernote + GTD: A no bs approach to personal productivity.

When you’re up and running send me a note to let me know what you think and how “The Secret Weapon” has helped you get more productive.


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