Accountability at the top

Wow! I attended a workshop on Marketing and Sales last week, very powerful. You might ask, what does accountability have to do with marketing and sales ? Well, everything!

As business owners & leaders it is up to us to make sure we have a marketing and sales strategy and to make sure it is being followed. During the workshop I was struck by how many companies either have not created a marketing and sales plan or are only loosely following one.

As John Lankford, our presenter said, “doing what you have been doing is what got you where you are today”. And since we were all sitting in a workshop on marketing and sales, it goes without saying we were not satisfied with where we were today.

Clearly most business owners and leaders want their companies to be successful, have too much on their plates, and can’t do everything all at once or do it all well. If we are to achieve the visions we have for our companies marketing and sales must play a major role and therefore requires major intentional focus.

In business all results start and end with the leaders. When it comes to Marketing and sales do you have a plan? Do you give it high level attention and follow through? Who are you accountable to for the results of this plan? As a business owner and leader the answer to that last question is most likely yourself, so my next question is how good of a job are you doing at holding yourself accountable?

If you’re not satisfied with where your company is at today then maybe it is time to raise your accountability to a new level. Consider working with an accountability partner to help you hold yourself accountable.

I help people focus their thinking on the big things instead of the little things, so they can reach their goals quicker and cleaner.

Contact me if you’re ready to raise your accountability level.


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