A Quick Free Tool You Can Use Daily To Get More Done & Feel Happier!

We all get distracted, stressed & lose focus. We forget what we started out to accomplish that week or that day.We lose sight of our priorities. At the end of the year we look back at our goals and intentions with dismay as we realize just how far off track we got. At the beginning of the new year we resolve to accomplish more, do better and be happier.

As Entrepreneurs we have new thoughts and great ideas flying through our minds 24 hours a day and unless we’ve developed the practice of writing things down we don’t have the focus to remember them all let alone accomplish them all. It is not unusual to wake up at 2 am with an idea and not be able to go back to sleep until you’ve written it down somewhere. When a friend recently referred to this behavior as “popcorn brain” to a room full of entrepreneurs, we all laughed and nodded knowingly.

How often do you look back at your year or even your day and find yourself pleased with what you’ve accomplished? How often do you stop to appreciate all that you have now instead of focusing on what you will have someday? How often do you stop to notice what is right, right now?

What if I told you that the simple act of sitting in a chair and doing nothing for 10 minutes each day would not only help you get more done, it would increase your focus, lower your stress and make you feel happier too. What? How can sitting and doing nothing possibly do all that?
Well, meditation is scientifically proven to do all that in as little as 10 mins every day. Yes, I tricked you into reading an article about meditation. And I’m going to increase the deception and ask you to watch a short video from TED Talks.

Go ahead and click, I dare ya!

Don’t worry, it’s painless and you won’t be asked to say”Ommm”.


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