Vision Without Execution Is Just Hallucination


The title of this blog post is actually the favorite saying of serial entrepreneur, Steve Adams (thanks, Steve), and one of his heroes, Thomas Edison .

A great vision is the table stakes for building a valuable business.  A great vision:

  • Is clear, concise, and understandable to a broad constituency
  • Is inspiring and motivational to those that are trying to execute on it, or buy into it (e.g.: customers, partners, consumers, etc.)
  • Expresses the most universal core values (ex: GoogleGOOGL +0.22%’s “Don’t be evil”) and aspirations (ex: Jim Collins’ “Big hairy audacious goal” or BHAG) of the contemplated business (Ford’s “Democratizing the automobile”)

But to move from hallucination to reality requires hard-nosed execution.

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