Is Your Rocket Out of Fuel?

According to the authors of Rocket Fuel There are two types of Entrepreneurs, the Visionary and the Integrator, the first is the one who generates great ideas and the second is the one who makes those ideas a reality. These two entrepreneurial minds can bring businesses to new hights when they work together but one without the other often cannot sustain the journey to success.

I have been fulfilling the Integrator role since before the books were written and gave it a title.

A Visionary can see into the future and imagine their product/idea as a successful enterprise.

An Integrator Translates that Vision into the How, What, When and Who of the organization

I do think “Integrator” is the most accurate title since someone could be a wonderful COO, President (both titles I’ve held) but not be an Integrator at all. I believe the key unique ability an Integrator has is “interpretation & translation”.

The right Integrator will be able to see the vision; interpreting it from the visionary’s perspective and translating it into the right actions. Vision needs action to become reality and someone needs to triage the vision into How it can be done(is it possible), What needs to get done (rocks), When should it be done (prioritize) and who should do it (execute) and follow all of that with a healthy does of accountability (is it done).

All of the other titles can apply and bring value but without the unique ability of a true Integrator the Visionary and Integrator relationship won’t be as powerful and your rocket may not be able to fly as far or as fast.

Not all Visionaries have an Integrator at their side and unfortunately at some point in their business journey they may find their particular rocket is in danger of falling out of orbit. Fortunately for those Visionaries there are Integrators looking for great visions to co-pilot.

Whether your business is in need of a full time Integrator or a Fractional Integrator it’s never to early to start the search, don’t wait until your business is in free fall to bring the right Integrator on board.

Suzanne Lyon

Lyon~S Focus

Integrator Solutions


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