Have you ever wished you had a partner in your business…

…because you could really benefit from having someone on board who would… “fill in the blank here”…

We all have!

Being a business owner can be lonely, having someone to share the ups, downs and tough decisions with would be awesome…right?Partner in crime

 What could you really use a partner for?

 share your “partner wish list” with us…


2 thoughts on “Have you ever wished you had a partner in your business…

  1. Here are the roles I’ve filled:
    1) Bookkeeper
    2) Someone to keep me focused (you)
    3) Admin to physically come to the office and handle the mail, scanning, filing and restore order
    4) CAP for taxes

    I used to have and miss having a true virtual assistant who I could call, leave voicemail and they would:
    · Log tasks onto my to-do list
    · Research questions I had
    · Remind me of tasks I’d forgotten

    I’ve twice tried and failed and one day may succeed at finding to someone to support my writing (blog & newsletter) efforts. I also may try someone to support my social networking efforts.

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